About Us

The AV Project consists of a group of founders who are specialized in Digital Marketing, Graphic designing, E-commerce and Management.

The First NFT Collection by AV Project is AV Crazy Skulls which consists of 50 different traits and designs and a Total Supply of 5000 Skulls. Each NFT is 1/1 and has no Copy of itself. Which really makes it non-Fungible. The Traits Goes from Common to Legendary. The Current live supply minted is 100%.

This project ain’t like others just using a character and adding some layers to it. We have different designs and characters in the project which makes it really Unique.
We also want our NFT holders to wear their NFT proudly. So, we are also working with a Clothing Brand so that holders can wear their Skull art NFT as a T-Shirt.

Holders also get all the access to Next collections Pre-Sale For free!

Why Invest in AV Projects Crazy Skull NFTs?

  1. 1/1 Collection over 50 Different characters with Different Traits!!
  2. Team Specialized in Digital marketing, Graphics and E-commerce
  3. Working on a Clothing Brand, where you can wear your NFT as a T-Shirt/Hoodie/Sweatshirt
  4. Pre-Sale with Less Floor Price!!!
  5. Crazy Skull Art (Looks Cool thou*)
  6. Access to Next Projects by AV Projects for Free!!

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